Hi! I知 MUGZY. I知 a King Charles Spaniel named after揚uess who?  King Charles of course! He was the king of England long ago and wore funny wigs like this one:


     Hmmm . . .I think I prefer my own long ears. Actually, my Mommy and Daddy think I知 the cutest dog in the world. But of course all parents think their children are adorable. This is my "adorable" look:

     Every dog dreams he or she will grow up to be president. My Daddy says if President Clinton made it, I certainly could . . . (Why? How am I supposed to know? I知 just a dog.) I guess I should read more if I知 gonna be president.

     You could say I知 basically a city dog傭ut I love to go places with my Mommy and Daddy. Ooh, do I love it! One day we went to a place called "The Seashore."  And boy oh boy! Did I have an adventure!